Breakfast “holiday” for 2 persons

cold cuts, butter, cottage cheese, camembert, homemade jam, fruit salad, rye bread, scrambled eggs with herbs, Schwitzer´s cup-roll and superfood bread

The Scandinavian / salmon bagel


The healthy green one

Superfood bread with avocado (toasted) and juice of the day (freshly squeezed, 0,2 l)

The little French one

Croissant with homemade jam, coffee and juice of the day (freshly squeezed, 0,2 l)

The delicious American

Egg Benedict with ham

The healthy start

Unsweetend breakfast-porridge with figs, banana and honey

Recommendation (from the Romanian kitchen of our chef Vio)


Baked curd pastry with sour cream and sour cherry jam


Schwitzer’s Ice Cream - 150ml cup

Our delicious sorts: Vanilla, Banana Toffee, White Chocolate, Strawberry-Cheesecake, Coffee, Salty Caramel, Mango-Maracuja-Yoghurt , Piemontese Hazelnut, Valrhona Chocolate, Valrhona Chocolate Dulcey with blue berries, White Chocolate-Gooseberry-Tarragon, Sour Cream-Lemon, Yogurt-Lime-Cucumber, Greek Yoghurt-Rhubarb, Yoghurt-Blackberry, Dinosaur Ice (strawberry with chocolate chips)

Our vegan sorts:

Cherry, Coconut, Raspberry-Rosé Secco, strawberry-mint

Healthy & Delicious

Bistro Bowl

with Mediterranean spelt wholemeal couscous salad, small falafel and mint yogurt

Carrot coconut ginger soup

with croutons

Kohlrabi apple salad

with fresh horseradish on lentil-curry-buckwheat patty

Homemade spelt burrito

with quinoa, avocado, hummus, carrots and bell pepper

Stuffed chive crêpe

with smoked wild salmon, lemon sour cream and dill-cucumber salad

Coconut yogurt

with peach and homemade granola

The classics

Curry sausage

Veal sausage with Bistro French fries, homemade sauce and Madras Curry

Sausage salad

Ham sausage from the butcher Glasstetter with pickles, red onions, gruyere and superfood bread

Sausage salad with Bistro French fries


Crispy sautéed vegetables with Thai curry, peanuts & basmati rice


Crispy sautéed vegetables with Thai curry, peanuts & basmati rice

with fried salmon fillet

Crispy sautéed vegetables with Thai curry, peanuts & basmati rice

with turkey strips

Pulled Pork Burger

with Bistro French fries

Our veggie Burger

Whole wheat bun from Fricke bakery with quinoa patty, avocado, guacamole, goat cheese, sweet potato fries and tandoori dip

“Wiener Schnitzel” The Original

with side salad, French fries and cranberries

Entrecôte of pasture-raised beef

with walnut-parmesan-crust, wild broccoli and macaire potatoes

Tiramisu made with our own parcel coffee from the Röstwerk


Homebaked apple strudel

with raisins and Schwitzer’s Vanilla ice cream

Even though the Albtherme Waldbronn is currently closed, you can still let us treat you to culinary delights. Visit our “Summer Bistro & Beach”!

We have set up a beach bar, added palm trees and olive trees, piled up sand and just want one single thing: provide you with a wonderful holiday moment in Waldbronn! Many new highlights, a new cocktail menu, as well as new and old classics are just waiting for you.

Until the thermal baths opens again, we will be offering our popular breakfast only on public holidays and weekends from 10 am. We will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday until that time.

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The thermal baths in Waldbronn impresses with a wide range of pampering offers. In fact it amazes so much that it has been awarded five wellness stars since 2015.

A pleasantly warm pool area and saunas inside and outside will warm you up nicely during the winter season. Beauty treatments, massage jets or the Dead Sea salt cave complete the relaxing visit.

Important information:

Due to the current situation, the reopening of the thermal bath is still unknown.

Experience inspiring live music by Rüdiger Wolf & Acoustic Soul and enjoy good drinks and delicious food.

Probably starting in July, every first Thursday of the month at 6 PM.

Free entrance.

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Never miss any news

In our newsletter we keep our guests informed. The Schwitzer’s world expands regularly.

And we celebrate this with offers, discounts or events. Don’t miss a chance to get a glimpse of the Waldbronn gastronomy!

Start the day with an extensive, healthy breakfast. Just perfect: our “Petit Déjeuner” with fresh farm produce. We recommend a freshly squeezed juice of the day.

Enjoy a weekly changing lunchtime menu in the Bistro. Daily from 11:30 am and while stocks last.

Light snacks, sweet cakes and delicious (non-) alcoholic refreshments provide a tasty boost for in-between.

Connoisseurs will also find hearty cuisine, a mixture of seasonal dishes and classics such as curry sausage with homemade sauce, burritos or a schnitzel (Northern Black Forest veal).

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Bergstraße 30
D-76337 Waldbronn

Monday – Thursday 10 AM to 10 PM
Friday 10 AM to 11 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday 9AM to 10 PM

The Schwitzer’s Bistro is located directly in the facilities of the Albtherme Waldbronn. Parking is free for guests of the Albtherme and Schwitzer’s Bistro in the two underground car parks and in all public-parking areas at the Albtherme.

Plan your trip here with Google Maps.