Our Menu

Scallop & black autumn truffle
on celery puree, marinated seaweed
and homemade truffle jus


Grilled flank steak of veal with sherry rosemary jus 
on red cabbage with walnuts and fried potato nut-butter-patties



Pickled and braised pear
with chocolate nougat ganache
and blackberries

Price: 44,00€

Trainee Menu
from 23rd November until 29nd November 2022

Brawn of local venison with pistachios, pink pepper
and cold-stirred cranberries
15,90 €


Roasted fillet of New Zealand St. Pierre on mashed potatoes, salsify and truffle foam
23,90 €


Slice of Valrhona chocolate, orange and cardamom
7,90 €

Price Trainee Menu

Salads & starters

Small Lettuce

with caramelized nuts and homemade yoghurt dressing

Lettuce ‘Surf & Turf’

small 14,50€ // large 18,00€
with grilled prawns, roasted turkey, Black Forest bacon, Caesar dressing and mango chili jam

Goat Cream Cheese

with goat cheese espuma, beetroot carpaccio & passion fruit vinaigrette

Brasserie Bowl

Homemade kimchi, braised pumpkin, young spinach and bulgur (+ sashimi of Tuna 8,00€)

Chicorée & Madras Curry

with oranges, sesame and marinated silken tofu

Cédric Schwitzers Bouillabaisse

with saffron and grilled gourmet fish

Alsation onion soup

with Gruyère rye bread au gratin
Vegetarian dishes

Alsatian Knöpfle

small 14,50€ // big 19,50€
with black autumn truffle, Brussels sprouts and lettuce

Deepfried & marinated Seitan

on Asian vegetables and wasabi cucumber dip

Veggie Burger

Lye bun from Fricke-Bäck, French camembert breaded with superfood, Cranberry chilli jam, radicchio and orange salad and french fries

Lukewarm onion pie

small – 8,90€ // big (with lettuce) – 14,90€
with celery and apple salad

Crêpes Suzettes

with Grand Marnier, oranges, and vanilla ice cream

Café Gourmand

Dark & white chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, madeleine and one coffee specialty of your choice

Schwitzer’s Ice Cream

150ml - 3,30€
Our delicious sorts: Vanilla, Banana Toffee, White Chocolate, Sour Cream, Strawberry-Cheesecake, Coffee, Salty Caramel, Mango-Maracuja-Yoghurt , Piemontese Hazelnut, Valrhona Chocolate, Valrhona Chocolate, Dulcey with blue berries, White Chocolate-Gooseberry-Tarragon, Sour Cream-Lemon, Yogurt-Lime-Cucumber, Greek Yogurt-Rhubarb, Waldrbonner Original kisses Lemon (Beer Ice), Dinosaur Ice (Strawberry with Chocolate Chips) Our vegan sorts: Cherry, Coconut and Raspberry-Rosé Secco
Main course
Meat dishes

Pain Rustical Flambé ‘Bacon’

natural yeast spelt dough with sour cream, bacon and red onions

Brasserie Burger

160g 17,50€ // 320g 22,50€
with free-range beef from the northern Black Forest with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, red braised onions, pickles, sweet potato and organic French fries

Culinary Arts Burger

160g 19,50€ // 320g 24,50€
with free-range beef from the northern Black Forest, baked potato hash browns, cheddar cheese, black truffle crème and baby leaf spinach, with truffle parmesan French fries

Braised lamb shoulder

(for sharing from 2 people, min. 700 g on the bone) from the sheep farm Stotz, with braised vegetables and potato mousseline

Roast beef from grass-fed cattle (160 gr.)

with walnut crust, homemade jus, diced potatoes and “pear-bean-bacon”

Tatar of the North Black forest grazing cattle

100g 17,90€ // 200g 25,90€
with grilled brasserie bread and chives cream

Tiled meat from Swabian Hall pigs

baked in a panko crust on pumpkin with Ras El Hanout
Burger Add-On

with homemade coleslaw

+ 0,70€

with a small lettuce

+ 2,50€

with sour cream

+ 0,50€

with truffle mayonnaise

+ 0,90€
Fish dishes

Fried char

with two ways of beetroot, La Ratte potatoes and fresh horseradish

Fried pike-perch fillet

26,90€ / with fried black pudding + 5,90€
on champagne cabbage with potato mousseline and Riesling foam

Grilled tuna steak “bleu”

with Asian vegetables, wasabi, ginger and soy