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Thank you very much! Your vote has brought us to the finals of the Kuckuck Award 2021. Now it’s time to vote again and choose Schwitzer’s Brasserie & Lounge as the most popular place to go out in 2021.

In Schwitzer’s Brasserie & Lounge, in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy modern, rustic style dishes awarded the “Bib Gourmand 2019”. In the summer, our terrace in the midst of greenery invites you to linger. In the winter, the fireplace lounge is a great place for coffee, cake and snacks.

With the Plat du Jour, your lunch break becomes a moment of delight. Our seasonally changing menu regularly amazes our guests with new creations. Popular in all seasons: our Brasserie Burger.

Trainee Menu

When we had to close for the second time on 1st November 2020, unfortunately, it quickly became clear that we had to send our employees on short-time work !

What about our trainees ? It was immediately clear to us that giving up is not an option and that it is our obligation to continue training!

Our apprentices have taken on a great deal of responsibility and organisational tasks. Our high-quality trainee menu has been launched, which is intended to replace our “Plat du Jour Menu” in the future.

From a pre-defined shopping basket, there has been a weekly changing three-course menu since the beginning of February 2021, which the trainees create themselves. The trial meals are very helpful in learning the basics of cooking and in thinking about the dishes.
The training of our employees is, has been and will always be very important to us.
We are pleased to be able to offer you this concept also during restaurant opening hours.

Trainee Menu from 08th March 2023 until 14th March 2023

Crispy fried pulpo
on a mediterranean avocado-tomato-salad
13,90 €


Creation of carvalo nero (black cabbage)
with sesame and sweet potatoes
11,90 €

Small cheesecake with kumquats
6,90 €


Price Trainee Menu
31,00 €

from 29th November 2023 until 5th December 2023

Tartare from the Argentinian red wild shrimp
with chicory and curry

14,90 €


Roasted cauliflower with mashed potatoes, parsley oil, walnuts
and apple chutney

14,50 €


Semolina-coconut-slices with mango

7,50 €

 Price Trainee Menu
35,00 €

Salads & starters

Small Lettuce

with caramelized nuts and homemade yoghurt dressing

Lettuce ‘Surf & Turf’

small 14,90€ // large 18,90€
with grilled prawns, roasted turkey, Black Forest bacon, Caesar dressing and mango chili jam

Gratinated fresh goat cheese

with figs, Schwitzer’s honey and pecans

Flamed slices of scallop

with cauliflower creation and buttermilk vinaigrette

“Shrimps-Cocktail” à la Brasserie

with crawfishs, homemade lemon mayonnaise, cocktail sauce and romaine lettuce

Cédric Schwitzers Bouillabaisse

with saffron and grilled gourmet fish

Soup of roasted parsnip

with baked sweetbread || without baked sweetbread 6,90€
Vegetarian dishes

Grilled parsnip

10,90 // 15,90
with pumpkin seed-sunflower seed vinaigrette

Deepfried & marinated oyster mushrooms

on Asian vegetables and chili-lime-mayonnaise

Burger Vegan

Sesame bun with planted “Like chicken”, mango-chili-chutney, curry mayonnaise, tomatoes, wild herbs lettuce and pommes frites

“Kaspressknödel” of Brasserie bread

with pointed cabbage, mountain cheese and primal carrots

Crêpes Suzette

with orange filets, Grand Marnier and Schwitzer's ice cream "Dulce de Leche

Café Gourmand

Quince Paté du Fruit, with salty caramel filled cream puff and brownie with a coffee specialty of your choice

Schwitzer’s Ice Cream

150ml - 3,50€
Our delicious sorts: Vanilla, Banana Toffee, White Chocolate, Sour Cream, Strawberry-Cheesecake, Coffee, Salty Caramel, Mango-Maracuja-Yoghurt , Piemontese Hazelnut, Valrhona Chocolate, Valrhona Chocolate, Dulcey with blue berries, White Chocolate-Gooseberry-Tarragon, Sour Cream-Lemon, Yogurt-Lime-Cucumber, Greek Yogurt-Rhubarb, Waldrbonner Original kisses Lemon (Beer Ice), Dinosaur Ice (Strawberry with Chocolate Chips) Our vegan sorts: Cherry, Coconut and Raspberry-Rosé Secco

Nougat slice

with pear and hazelnuts
Main course
Meat dishes

Pain Rustical Flambé ‘Bacon’

natural yeast spelt dough with sour cream, bacon and red onions

Brasserie Burger

160g 17,90€ // 320g 23,90€
with free-range beef from the northern Black Forest with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce, red braised onions, pickles, sweet potato and organic French fries

Culinary Arts Burger

160g 19,90€ // 320g 25,90€
with free-range beef from the northern Black Forest, baked potato hash browns, cheddar cheese, black truffle crème and baby leaf spinach, with truffle parmesan French fries

Ragout of domestic venison

with potato noodles, roasted porcini, pink pepper and wild broccoli

Crispy roasted duck breast

with fondant fries, Brussels sprouts, jus and roasted hazelnuts

Tatar "Classique" of the North Black forest grazing cattle

100g 17,90€ // 200g 25,90€
with organic egg yolk and grilled brasserie bread

Veal cutlet

(ca. 300g meat – 30 minutes anticipation) with sauce bearnaise, macaire potatoes, pointed cabbage, hedgehog mushrooms and homemade jus
Burger Add-On

with homemade coleslaw

+ 0,70€

with a small lettuce

+ 2,50€

with sour cream

+ 0,50€

with truffle mayonnaise

+ 0,90€
Fish dishes

Greenland halibut

with beetroot risotto, pumpkin seed crust and leaf spinach

Roasted filet of catfish

with pearl barley, Black Forest bacon and leek

Grilled tuna steak “bleu”

with Asian vegetables, wasabi, ginger and soy
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February 04, 2023
February 11, 2023
February 18, 2023

Etzenroter Str. 4
76337 Waldbronn

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Our prices are stated including the legal VAT and are presented in Euro.

In case you have food allergies or intolerance, we are pleased to hand you our allergen menu. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff members.

Many meals on our menu can also be enjoyed at home.

Phone: +49 7243 – 354 850


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