Cédric Schwitzer has been awarded a Michelin star plus 7,5 pans in Gusto and is Gault & Millau’s “Revelation of the Year 2015”!


Cédric Schwitzer does not cook by the cookbook, but according to the calendar and arranges his dishes with seasonal ingredients. He describes his compositions as “classical with modern elements”; he enjoys being influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine. The guests as well as gastronomy critics unanimously applaud, and that is challenging.


“None of this would be possible without a perfect team”: explains the ambitious chef. “We need additional support. We are looking for colleagues who fit in with us and enjoy working in a creative environment”.


Become one of us and strengthen our team.

We are looking for:


An apprentice cook (m/f/d)

Apprentice restaurant specialist (m/f/d)

Training requirements


Good secondary school degree

Skilled craftsmanship and creativity

Good physical condition

Quick comprehension

Calculation skills

Team spirit

Age of majority is required



Training duration


3 years

Training requirements


“Mittlere Reife” (basic education level)

Team spirit and communication skills

Good manners

Quick comprehension

Organization and sales talent

Age of majority is required



Training duration


3 years

Trainee in the restaurant trade with additional qualification according to the FHG model, training 2018-2021


1.) Let us begin simply: Why did you choose Schwitzer’s?

After finishing school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and so I applied as a trainee/temporary worker at Schwitzer’s. After a few months in the hotel, I realized that this is what I enjoyed most. Both the atmosphere and the colleagues were cool and relaxed.


2.) What was your funniest or most embarrassing experience with a guest?


There are amusing moments every day, both during weddings and in normal service. My most embarrassing moment with a guest was at the very beginning of my training when I spilled a coke over a lady’s lap. I was very uncomfortable, but she took it with humour.


3.) You are now in your second year of training. What have you learned so far?


That you are simply stronger within a team and that you can rely on everyone. Besides, it is not bad to make mistakes, because mistakes our human and that is what I am training for. I can now also better handle the guests and know now how they work.

Student at the Dual University in Ravensburg (2019 -2022). Prior to that, apprenticeship as a cook with additional qualification in accordance with the FHG model (training 2016-2019)

1) Which event in the course of your training has been most memorable or has had the most impact on you?


That is a really good question. I can think of quite a few defining moments from the past three years of training. What I remember most is the wedding of 2-star chef Rolf Fliegauf. In my first year of apprenticeship, after just five months, our managing director and hotel manager Johannes Rupp, a good friend of Mr. Fliegauf, offered me the opportunity to cook as a full kitchen member at Fliegauf’s wedding. Being asked, meant a lot to me as a young, inexperienced kitchen apprentice, and the question of whether I was interested or not was quickly answered: “Definitely!” I spent three days on site working alongside renowned Swiss chefs, looking over their shoulders and putting in my own ideas. Specific tasks were assigned to us and I picked up many useful tips and techniques. I was honoured to have been a part of the whole thing.


2.) Come on, Tizian, tell us THE story you’ve been kept from us during your 3 years of training!


What happened in the freezer stays in the freezer! (he chuckles) and leaves the rest unanswered.


3) We remember… at that time you had hesitated between a training period with us and one with the police. Today are you satisfied with your decision to go into the gastronomy business?


Yes. Today, I can say that I am very glad to have chosen the cooking option three years ago. Certainly, there were moments of doubt, but these would have appeared anywhere. As the saying goes: “Training years are not easy years”.
I was fortunate to be able to learn and experience so much during my training period: I have had many different experiences and have personally progressed tremendously. I was always immersed in a cool, young team of colleagues who quickly became my friends. With his unbelievable expertise, Cedric Schwitzer was not just the chef, but also a great coach from whom I was able to learn a great deal. Our chef de cuisine Marcel Foegen should not remain unmentioned. He always helped me, both with advice and action. I was challenged and encouraged for three years. The result? I have now completed my training as a chef and have an additional qualification in kitchen and service management. And it keeps on going. In October, I started my dual studies and will stay in the gastronomy business with Schwitzer’s team and family.

Date of birth: April 6th 1995

Place of birth: Karlsruhe

Favourite wine: Riesling, Riesling, Riesling

Favourite dish: anything my grandmother cooks

My strengths: ambitious and determined

My weaknesses: Vanessa

A dream I have fulfilled:

producing my own gin

My philosophy: life is too short to drink bad wine


Felix Daferner joined us in 2015 after his training and a lot has happened since then. He worked his way up from commis de rang to chef de bar to finish as head of the restaurant. In 2017 he was appointed Germany’s youngest CCI-certified sommelier and in 2018 he was a finalist in the “Young Sommelier of the Year” competition. He completed those awards with the Alfred Brenner Prize 2019. Today he runs our gourmet restaurant, but at the very same time he has made his dream come true by producing his own gin called ” SENSORIK “.


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