We look forward to seeing you at our French gourmet restaurant, which has been awarded a Michelin star and 16 out of 20 points at Gault&Millau 2020. Whether with business partners or with friends and family – you will be spoiled with excellent culinary delights.

Monday & Tuesday closed
Wednesday – Saturday 6 PM – 8 PM
Sunday 12.30 PM – 1.30 PM

For our business guests, we also offer a small selection of business dishes. Alternatively, we will be happy to serve them to your room. In the summer months, the restaurant encloses a beautiful terrace and invites you to linger.

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Reservations Your evening with us

Reservations can be made here online for up to four people at the date of your choice.


Reservations for groups of 5 people or more can be made via e-mail or telephone. On request, if the weather is good, your table will be set on our beautiful terrace.


If you suffer from incompatibilities or are a vegetarian, our cuisine will adapt so you enjoy.


For reservations over three months away, please call us on +49 (0) 7243 35 48 50 or send us an e-mail.

The world of wines Explore our wine cellar

Our wine cellar is a potpourri of the finest terroirs, vintages and nuances. Every first Thursday of the month, discover new gems in the cellar. Dominik Trick, Sommelier of the Year 2007 and lecturer at the Heidelberg School of Hotel Management, will introduce you to the world of top wines. Cédric Schwitzer and his team will hand out matching small delicacies.


The prices of our wines are calculated fairly so that the drink pleasure is total. Taste finest wines with good value for money.

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Never miss any news

In our newsletter we keep our guests informed. The Schwitzer’s world expands regularly.

And we celebrate this with offers, discounts or events. Don’t miss a chance to get a glimpse of the Waldbronn gastronomy!

Recipe for recooking Recipe for recooking



Fillet the raw Kingfish, skin and remove the bones, then cut the fillets into thin slices and place them in a hemispherical silicone mould by overlapping them slightly.



300 g of sour cream

3 leaves of gelatine

200 g whipped cream

1 small can of caviar

Salt, pepper, lemon juice


Warm up and stir 50 g of sour cream in a sauté pan and dissolve the pre-soaked gelatine in it, then add to the remaining sour cream. Mix everything together, season and taste. Then spread the mousse on the Kingfish and let it set in the fridge. When the mousse is firm, use a parisienne scoop to form a dip and fill it with caviar.



50 g Kalamansi Balsamic Vinegar

50 g Olio Verde

10 g lemon oil

1 knife tip of xanthan (jellying agent)


Mix everything together with the hand blender and set aside.



200 g oxtail essence

1 piece of beetroot

20 g Kalamansi balsamic vinegar

1 knife tip xanthan


Bring the essence to the boil and marinate a peeled, grated beetroot in it for about 20 minutes. Strain, season with salt and taste. Emulsify 100 g of the passed extract with the Kalamansi balsamic vinegar and a bit of xanthan using a whisk.

Sour cream gel:


200 g of thick sour cream

300 g sour cream

200 g whipped cream

5 g Agar-Agar



Bring everything to the boil and place in the refrigerator to set. Then mix until fine with a blender and fill into a piping bag


To serve, carefully flip the Kingfish from the silicone mould into the centre of the plate. Coat the Kingfish with the Kalamansi glaze and pour some of the beetroot vinaigrette around the fish. Now decorate the fish with the sour cream gel, flowers and wild herbs.

Bon Appétit!

Schwitzer’s Pur – nº 14 - 2021

„Journey through Cédric Schwitzer’s enjoyment cuisine“

Culinary Attunement

« The star » Pickled scallop / Coco bean / curry / pineapple
« The silver plated egg » Black Truffle / spinach / veal ragout / nut butter


 Goose liver / orange / cardamom / parsley


Kingfish Sashimi / Siberian caviar / cucumber / wasabi / dashi


Tristan rock lobster / Sôt l´y laisse / hokkaido / smoke flavourings


Pikepearch / Périgord truffle / fermented cabbage / walnut / caraway


Braised veal entrecôte / apple / red cabbage / chestnut


Saddle of venison / beetroot / spice jus / shallot compote


Miéral guinea fowl / alba truffle / Jerusalem artichokes / poultry-velouté / rose hip


Valençay / quince / buckwheat / white cabbage


Mandarin / caramel / coffee

Petits Fours
Éclair & Quatres-Épices / Macaron & Pistachio / Chocolate & Kumquats

Cannelé & Rum / Praline & Nougat / Paris-Brest

Schwitzer´s Pur

159,00 €
Attunement / Starters of Choice / Three entremets / Main course of choice / Cheese / Dessert / Petits Fours

Petit Pur

129,00 €
Attunement / Starters of Choice / Pikepearch / Veal entrecôte / Main course of choice / Cheese or Dessert / Petits Fours

Grand Pur

189,00 €
Attunement / Starter / Five entremets / Main course / Cheese / Dessert / Petits Fours

Menu Suprise

,,Let yourself be surprised!“

And you can choose our accompagnining „Menu Surprise“ tabelwise:
a selection à la Cédric Schwitzers from our Schwitzer’s Pure.

Petite Surprise

99,00 €
Attunement / Starter /Main course / Dessert / Petits Fours

Grande Surprise

119,00 €
Attunement / Starter / Entremets / Main course / Dessert / Petits Fours

Alle Preise verstehen sich pro Person inklusive Mehrwertsteuer.

Your dream wedding

The Schwitzer’s Hotel am Park offers the perfect setting for your wedding. Gourmet catering, well-being areas and comfortable rooms for the whole family. In the modern facilities or on the beautiful terrace, our team will prepare a wedding in accordance with your wishes.


Fully enjoy your wedding in allowing our competent team to organize your wedding from the start.


Inquire now

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Gourmet team event

Invite your guests to a culinary team-building event. The evening begins with a reception in the domain of our chef de cuisine and star chef Cédric Schwitzer. Over a glass of sparkling wine you can watch him prepare one of his dishes and gather valuable tips about his cooking philosophy.


Our surprise menu for enthusiasts of gourmet cuisine:


4-course surprise menu

4-course wine pairing

Hotel’s own plot coffee, mineral water and soft drinks included

End your evening around our fireplace with a fine cigar and a glass of rum


147 € per person

(Extra charge for 5 or more courses on request)

Your celebrations with us

Company party, anniversary, birthday, Christmas party… at Schwitzer’s Hotel am Park we organise any occasion in a most appropriate way. This means: we organize the facilities, the catering and “the special little extra”. In the meantime, you and your guests enjoy yourself.


We plan every party to suit your individual needs. I you have any special wishes share them with us!


Contact us here

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How to find & contact us We look forward to seeing you

Etzenroter Str. 4

76337 Waldbronn


Monday & Tuesday closed

Wednesday – Saturday  6 PM to 8 PM

Sunday 12.30 PM tp 1.30 PM




Due to the high demand for exclusive bookings of our facilities during the summer period, we kindly ask you to make your reservation in advance by phone at +49 (0) 7243 354850.


You will find Cedric Schwitzer’s star restaurant directly in Schwitzer’s Hotel am Park. Free parking spaces are available for our guests directly in front of the hotel entrance.

Plan your trip here with Google Maps.